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Rental Counter Products Specialty

These products are offered direct to Rental Car Operations and in cooperation with brokers. We offer our clients competitive pricing for SLI, RLP, PAI and PEC coverage. These products can greatly enhance a rental car operation's incremental revenue, assisting a company's bottom line growth.

Coverages provided:

  • Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI) is a secondary insurance product that picks up where primary liability coverage leaves off. When combined with primary liability coverage, SLI provides your customer with up to $1,000,000 of liability protection, giving your renter real peace of mind.
  • Personal Accident/Personal Effects Coverage (PAI/PEC), provided under one policy, covers accidental death to the renter and to passengers as well as medical expense and ambulance fee reimbursement. PAI/PEC is also designed to cover the personal effects of the renter and any authorized driver(s) for the duration of the rental contract.
  • Renter's Liability Protection (RLP) provides statutory limits to the renter, ensuring that the renter is covered for third-party liability claims to the state statutory limits.  RLP is only available in certain states so please contact us to find out if it is available in your state.

How would you like to make an extra $10,000 profit per year?*

This “Profit per Year” is possible!  Assumption: 20 units in fleet with 60% utilization rate and 20% of the rentals purchasing SLI/PAI/PEC as well as typical market/pricing factors.   This is not a guarantee of the profits per year to your company should you choose to sell SLI and/or PAI/PEC through Sonoran National Insurance Group.

In order for Sonoran to provide a quotation for Rental Counter Products, the items listed below are required:

  • Completed and Signed applications
  • Loss History for fleet and previous Counter Products policies
  • Fleet List
  • Rental Agreement
  • Limited License – (if state required)

Additional products may be written through a Broker. Contact our office for additional information.

In California DBA: Sonoran North American Insurance Services (License #0C38859)
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